January 23, 2008 at 4:27 pm (Resin)

About two weeks ago, I took to the concept of using Epoxy Resin to suspend stuff in. I spent a few days researching the different types of resin and how to use each safely. Then I went around and collected items to be forever suspended in Resin. After purchasing the products I needed from Michaels, I came right home and got to work.
Here are pictures from my first set of resined items. I haven’t buffed them to a shine yet, or decided what type of jewerly each will become, but I’m pretty excited at how well these came out.

The first one comes from my apparent love of all things Disney. It is a Mickey sticker with some hand mixed glitter. I mixed gold star, red and black glitter to achieve the “Mickey Effect”. Of course, it’s poured into a heart shaped mold.
I love mickey

This one is a tribute to my former job at Rag Shop. I took a piece of our lanyard and set it with some glitter. On the other side is a piece of our cut slip. I cut out the area with the decimal to fraction equivalent. Those numbers will be forever embedded in my head, but I thought it was a true geek way to remember Rag Shop.
my rag shop tribute

This one is a throwback to my home—the Jersey Shore. I went to Long Beach Island (in the middle of January, nonetheless) and combed the beach for mini shells. I also took a cupfull of sand home with me to complete the project. The two bigger ones I plan on turning into keychains, and one will be sent to a friend who has had to move away from “the shore”. I can’t wait to see these when they’ve gotten polished—I hope it looks like shells and sand in water.
LBI sand and shells

I call this one “I see you….”. It’s two googlie eyes with scrapbooking “beadies”. I think this one will make a cute neclace. It’s really fun to shake it and watch the eyes move.
i see you!

This one is for my sister—the engineer. Our tv had broken days before I did this, and in true geek style, my family didn’t throw it out until we could take it apart. My sister took these parts and suspended them in some resin, along with a few beadies from the “I see you…” pendant that snuck in. I believe she wishes for hers to be turned into a neclace.
tv parts

This one is for me. It is an old sewing machine charm I used to wear, but the clasp broke. Being a crafter, of course I didn’t throw it out, and it came in handy here. I paired it with a mix of blue and purple glitter.
I call it “sew in love”
old sewing machine charm

This is a personal favorite. I think because it’s just so bright–this is another one I can’t wait to see polished. It’s a blue M&M surrounded by non-parels. I might turn this one into a ring.

This is another favorite of mine. Basically I just walked around my sewing room and picked things up off of the floor. In this one you’ll find a few straight pins, a blue safety pin and a purple button. Here’s the front:
Sewing inspired

And here’s the back. I think I may turn this into a keychain.
the back of it

I’m happy with the way these came out and I’m ready to expand. I bought ice trays and measuring cups at a thrift store. I plan on using the ice trays to make multiples of the same sized object, and the measuring cups to make coasters. I also want to stick those Disney postage stamps onto wood, resin it, and turn them into keychains.

All of this talk of suspending things in resin reminds me of one of my favorite Golden Girls quotes: (as said by Sophia) “If God wanted peaches suspended in mid-air, He’s have filled em with helium!” She would have been proud of my random things suspended in resin…..



  1. Jennifer said,

    Those are so cool looking. I’ll have to learn how to make some. How big are they?

  2. Gina said,

    they looked so cool xD can you teach me how to do?

  3. Melissa said,

    I love the candy one’s the most ! You’ve got a great gift ! I really enjoyed going though the pics!

  4. Rose said,

    These are brilliant!
    I have one question – what’s the safest resin to use, and do you know where I could get it from? I’m doing something like this myself at the moment.

  5. sewin2disney said,

    I got my resin at Michaels, and there was only one brand to pick from, so that’s the one I went with! Good luck!

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