Calorimetry Hat

December 13, 2007 at 8:44 pm (Crochet)

“Calorimetry” is a scientific word for “heat lost or gained”–in comparison, a Calorimetry Hat is a hat that can be worn so no heat is lost through the head, yet it allows your hair to hang free in the back (either down or in a pony tail). Its the best of both worlds!
Here it is on—I’m thinking it needs some sort of embroidered design—stay tuned.

Crochet half hat

Here it is lying flat. I added two scallops on the edge where it falls over my ears, so it can completly cover them
Crochet half hat

And here is a close up picture to show the stitches. It is croched into the front loop to make the texture.
Crochet half hat

The pattern can be found here: (scroll down to post #7);all


1 Comment

  1. dawn lourenco said,

    I just LOVE this! Did you make it up yourself? I would love to have the pattern…..

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