October 27, 2007 at 4:31 pm (Crochet, Disney, General Crafting, Holidays)

Last night we carved pumpkins. I had made a stencil awhile ago of a Jeep, so we reduced it, and that is what my mom carved on my sister’s pumpkin. My boyfriend chose to carve Stitch and found a pattern in a Disney Pumpkin Carving book. I wanted to do Cinderella Castle, so I set out to make myself a pattern, and here’s what we all came up with:

Our Pumpkins

Here’s just my pumpkin:
My castle pumpkin

Stitch Pumpkin

Jeep Pumpkin

I also finally finished the crochet skull that can be found on the Lion Brand website. This was my second attempt–the first one didn’t felt properly:

Crochet and felted skull


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  1. 10.31.11 ~ 305/365 « Snapshots of Time ~ 2011 ~ 365 Day Project said,

    […] taken it upon myself to even make the design that I will be carving (Pumpkin Pi anyone? How about Cinderella Castle and a Jeep? Or maybe you want a Mickey Mouse design and another […]

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