October 16, 2007 at 2:22 pm (Crochet, Sewing)

It’s no secret that I love purses! Here’s some of my past purse creations.
First up:
This is my hamburger purse (complete with a french fry keychain!)–I never used it, but I entered it in a contest at Monmouth Park Ractrack one year. I love this purse—I just can’t see myself ever using it!

My Hambuger Purse

Next up is my Kilt Purse. I had hand-marbled the fabric in crafts class, and for our final, we were to turn the fabric into something else. I made my own pattern for this, and made the front of it look like a kilt. I added a ribbon belt, and a silver clasp at the top. The beaded handles matched the marbled fabric perfectly, and really added to the purse.

My Kilt Purse, with the fabric that I marbled in crafts class

Of course, the first thing everyone does is lift the skirt up, so under there I attached a “thong pocket”

Looking at the thong pocket under the kilt

Here’s a coin purse I made with some more marbled fabric. I had messed up with the marbling on this one, so I used this technique to hide that fact. I sewed in some little colored pearls in the little valleys too add some color.

A change purse, using messed up marbled fabric.

Here’s the same technique, using cream satin. I made this purse for a friends wedding. I used cream colored pearls in the little valleys of this purse as well, as well as a small ribbon strap to use it as a wristlet.


And a close up:

Moving right along–here’s a small clutch I designed. The pleats along the upper placket really allow this sucker to expand, and it easily holds everything I need:

A clutch I designed

Next is my “Readers Digest” purse. I was checking out at the thrift store, when I turned around and saw a pile of these books. They were free for the taking, and they all had different wonderful patterns on the cover. I took about 10 of the books, and went right to work. I used an xacto knife and carefully cut out the pages, then hot glued fabric to the inside, and sides. A piece of ribbon I had seam ripped off of a pair of pants matched perfectly and worked as the handles, and some polka dot ribbon left over from another project worked well when glued to the front of the book. I finished it up with a loop of elastic and a green button to wrap that loop around to serve as a closure.

Purse made out of an old readers digest book

Bottom and side:
Side of the book purse

Looking inside:
Inside of book purse

For awhile I got into ribbon purses. I basically weave the ribbon into a rectangle, and iron on interfacing to the back to stabalize it. I’ve done a few purses, and here are two clutches.
This is a clutch I made for my sister:

Ribbon Clutch

And here’s another one I made, in the open position. You can see the magnetic closure here.
Ribbon Clutch

Here’s a camera case I made. While it’s not a purse, it’s still purse like. I crochet it out of a small ball of yarn I found on the floor at Rag Shop one day. It wasn’t any yarn we carried, so someone must of dropped it, and I loved it. It wasn’t enough to make a wide enough pocket for the camera, so I added some Caron Simply Soft yarn around the edges, and a gold gaudy button to close it.
It fits my camera perfectly, and it matches the color perfectly too!


And last up is the first crochet pattern I ever followed. It’s the “Fit to be tied clutch” from the “Happy Hooker” book.
Here’s the front:

And the inside:

And this is just a small sampling of the purses I’ve made through the years!



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    […] the two shortest to-do lists from this project.  Both yarns are going to be used to crochet  the Fit to Be Tied bag (scroll down, the picture is near the end of the post. Best non-Ravelry one I could find in 2 […]

  2. Kristi Thomas said,

    Would you be interested in selling the Cheeseburger purse? I am obsessed with burgers because I named my English Bulldog “Cheeseburger” and I even have a cheeseburger tattoo!

    • sewin2disney said,

      I’m sorry, I can’t part with it. I made it soooooo long ago, I don’t know if I’d be able to re-create it! It has a small store bought canvas purse as the base, and I basically added the felt “bun” and foam and fabric condiments.

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