1 pattern, 2 scarves—and a bonus scarf!

October 13, 2007 at 4:11 pm (Crochet)

I made this scarf last year–it’s the One Skein Scarf from “The Happy Hooker”….and I made it just as the pattern indicated, used the same yarn they recommended, but it just came out too skinny.



So this fall, I decided to use a thicker yarn, and more rows of double crochet before I put the scalloped edge. It looks nice, just not as “clean” as the first one”. I used Lion Brand Suede yarn, and while it’s very soft and fuzzy, it doesn’t show off the pretty scalloped eges as nicly as I wanted to. Here’s a picture of the two scarves together.


And a bonus catch-up project.
Here’s a scarf I crocheted for a fashion design class I took two years ago. I had to make a project for each of the four seasons….and this was the “fall” project. It’s a flower bud scarf. At the other end of the “stem” are two leaves.
The entire scarf:

And just the flower:


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