My “adult” chapstic cozy….

October 11, 2007 at 11:55 pm (Crochet)

So last Friday night, after an intense day of homework, I was roaming around on one of my favorite crafting websites,, and I came across this thread:

The title of the thread was “Lip Balm Cozy (ADULT!)….intrigued, I had to click on it, and nearly fell out of my seat laughing when I saw it…. It was a phallic chapstic cozy crochet out of fingering weight yarn! I showed it to my mom (who was about to go food shopping) and she put the list down immediately and ordered me to print the pattern, go find some yarn and crochet hooks. I did as I was told (I was scared–normally she’d just roll her eyes and let me know in not so many words that she was busy and had other things to do—I can’t believe she wanted to do this!) So I printed the pattern, and found two balls of yarn that would be suitable for a first attempt. Mine was a tan colored yarn, and hers was peach with little pink and yellow fibers running through it. After about an hour and a half we had this:


Obviously, my mom’s is on the left (with the lopsided balls) and mine is on the right.

Here’s a few work in progress shots:
Figuring out the whole “back post” step was confusing, but here I am triumphing in my success:

Closing up the head…lol

Making sure it’s long enough for my chapstic

You think having two chapstic cozies in the house would be enough….but nooooo….my mom promptly went out the next day and purchased “a more suitable colored” yarn and a three pack of chapstic so she could make more and “gift them”. I wonder who will be the lucky recipients?…..stay tuned.


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