Lets Play Catch Up

September 26, 2007 at 2:39 pm (Sewing)

In my attempt to catch up on all of the Crafsterbating I’ve done over the past few months, I’m going to try to post one new craft project that I’ve completed either every day or every other day.
Today I present to you my plushie felt Jeep.
I made this for a contest on Craftster.org. The rules were simple: Make any inanimate object out of felt. Other supplies could be used, but majority of the project had to be made out of felt. I hemmed and hawed for a few days over what I should make, tossing around ideas such as felt food, a felt Cinderella Castle, my Jeep, and a few other things. I finally decided that a tribute to my car would be fitting.
First I went out to my driveway, and sketched my car from all angles.
Scaled drawing of side of jeep

I also then took detailed measurements, and decided my felt jeep would be a 1:8.5 scale.
scaled drawing of front of jeep

Ok–let’s get started: We need our drawings, a tape measure, calculator and of course, felt!
Pre-felt jeep

Here we have the sides and tailgate done:
sides and back

The windshield and grill are done!
grill and windshield

And then simply add a roof, hood and bottom, and you’ve got a little felty Jeep.
Meet mini Consuela, sitting on her full sized counterpart–Princess Consuela, my 1997 Magenta Jeep Wrangler:

And what good would a Jeep be if she couldn’t go off roading?
It's rock crawling already!


Unfortunately, I didn’t win the contest–I came in 5th. But it was fun anyway!

1 Comment

  1. Jean said,

    Wow. Simply fabulous work. I see a line of little felt Jeep toys out there, for all the little Jeep boys and girls that can only find stuffed dogs and ponys and Hello Kittys, etc.
    It’s adorable AND accurate. I wish I had one of my own that matched my Jeep!

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